Xu Han
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Ph.D. Thesis

"Holistic Optimization of Data Center Cooling Systems and Airflow Management" (2020)

First Job After Graduation

Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University


Dr. Xu Han received his bachelor’s degree from Harbin Institute of Technology with the award of “Outstanding Graduate” in 2011, master’s degree from Tianjin University with the award of “Outstanding Graduate” in 2014 and received his PhD from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2020. Before his study at CU Boulder, he had three years’ working experience as a MEP engineer at an architectural design firm in China. His primary research areas are building performance simulation and building system optimal control. His research interests include fast simulation of the indoor environment, coupled simulation of building systems and indoor environment, simulation-based optimization, model predictive control and learning-based optimal control. During his study at CU Boulder, he was awarded with ASHRAE College of Fellows Travel Award, Strauch Family Fellowship scholarship and Dissertation Completion Fellowship. He has published various peer-reviewed papers and one of them was selected for a Best Paper Award by the journal Building and Environment.


Journal Papers:

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Peer Reviewed Conference Papers:

4. X. Han, W. Tian, W. Zuo, J.W. VanGilder 2019. “Optimization of Workload Distribution of Data Centers Based on a Self-Learning In Situ Adaptive Tabulation Model.” Accepted by the 16th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association (Building Simulation 2019), September 2-4, Rome, Italy.

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