The following organizations have partnered with the RAP Lab or its scholars in expanding hip-hop scholarship and awareness. For those interested in finding information about their endeavors or acquiring their services, please see more information about these organizations below.


Renée Crown Wellness Institute

Crown institute logo

We are a home for research and practice that is dedicated to the social and emotional wellness of all young people, and because we believe wellness must be understood in context, the wellness of adults who support them.

That’s why we’re pursuing a new paradigm of research, rooted in connection. Our work builds connections across disciplines within the university and partnerships where teams of researchers, families, teachers, young people, and community members work together as equal partners. We co-design and study transformative practices, programs, and policies that foster wellness among children and youth, families and communities, and educators.

We are growing this community. Together, we identify dilemmas, seed solutions and harvest what works—for as many children and young people as possible.

Our vision invites many disciplines, perspectives and people to come together. We seek to promote the wellness of young people and the systems and adults who support them through interdisciplinary research-practice partnerships. That is the shared work of the Renée Crown Wellness Institute.


American Music Research Center

The American Music Research Center (AMRC) is dedicated to exploring and celebrating the diverse and rich traditions of American music. Jointly housed between the the University of Colorado’s College of Music and the University Libraries, the AMRC is home to a rare music repository that includes scores, papers, recordings, and material artifacts that document the history of American music and the people who have made it.

We regularly sponsor public events and community outreach activities—such as concerts, conferences, publications, and lectures—and provide grants to support both institutionally-affiliated and independent scholars working on American music research. Visiting scholars and the public are welcome to visit by appointment.



North High School

North High School

North High School catalyzes the academic and personal success of all students, transforming them to reach their full potential at the post-secondary program of their choice and to be leaders in an ever-changing world. Lyripeutics and the RAP Lab have worked with North High School via the Lyripeutics Storytelling Project and the Lab's "Pop Lyrics in the Classroom" initiatives, respectively.