Stress and Coping in College Youth

Depression and anxiety among college students is a major and growing public health challenge, with 25% of college students experiencing clinically significant internalizing disorders each year and the number of students seeking treatment at college counseling centers increasing 5 times faster than enrollment increases. Two-thirds of college dropouts leave for mental health reasons, and many others who stay in college experience severe impairments that impact their academic performance.

The goal of the SCCY study is to better understand how certain neurocognitive processes interact to predict mood and anxiety symptoms. 

We are recruiting first-year CU Boulder students, ages 18 to 23.

The study involves two in-person research sessions conducted at our laboratory facilities in the Department of Psychology at CU Boulder; one initial in-person session, and another during the third and final semester of participation. In these sessions, you will talk with one of our trained research staff about your life experiences and moods, perform a set of computer games that test attention and learning, and complete a set of surveys. At both the beginning and end of the second semester, participants will receive a survey sent via email, which will take ~1hour to complete remotely. Finally, after each in-person session and after the first second semester survey, participants will complete a set of 21 daily, short (<10mins) surveys delivered remotely via a mobile app. 

All participants are compensated for their time, and all participants may choose to withdraw from the study at any time.

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