Treatment Effects and Mechanisms across the course of therapy

*This study is not currently recruiting participants

Cognitive-behavioral and related (mindfulness, acceptance-based) therapies can be highly effective in treating depression. However, we have a lot to learn about how specific therapies improve mood health; or who will benefit the most from a particular type of therapy. 

The TEAM study has two complementary goals. First, we aim to isolate mechanisms of therapeutic effect, i.e., changes in cognitive ability and brain circuit functioning that correspond with symptom relief and improved mental health. Second, we aim to identify markers of therapy match, i.e., patterns of cognitive and brain functioning at the beginning of therapy that predict which types of treatment activities will be most beneficial for a client.

The TEAM study is conducted in collaboration with CU Boulder psychology clinics, which provide cognitive-behavioral and related therapies to individuals with a range of mental health experiences, including depression. Clients of CU Boulder psychology clinics who enroll in the TEAM study will participate in a total of three research sessions including neuroimaging, and a brief computer game and electronic survey at each clinical session. 

All participants are compensated for each research session and activity, and participants may choose to withdraw from the study at any time.

*This study is not currently recruiting participants