Risk and Resilience to Affective Disorders in Youth

*This study is not currently recruiting participants

Adolescence is a significant period for brain development, during which certain individuals may be at a higher risk for experiencing stress and mood problems. The goal of the RRAY study is to learn about how certain cognitive abilities might make  individuals more vulnerable or resilient in the face of stressful life events.

We are recruiting teens age 13-19 for this two-year study. The study involves two study visits a year apart at our laboratory in Boulder, each lasting about five hours. During these visits you will be interviewed about your life experiences; you will complete some computer games that involve paying attention and learning; you will have a neuroimaging scan while you either rest quietly or play computer games; and you will answer a set of surveys on a computer. 

Also as part of the study, you will complete a set of online surveys and a brief telephone interview once every three months (five times total during the two-year study participation). 

At the end of the study, you will have a final telephone interview, lasting about two hours.

All participants are compensated for their time, and all participants may choose to withdraw from the study at any time.

*This study is not currently recruiting participants*