Colorado Coronavirus Coping Study

The Research on Affective Disorders and Development Lab is conducting research on wellness and stress coping in CU students during the novel COVID-19 outbreak.

Our community is navigating a major public health stressor. We know that your lives are being deeply impacted by school closures, changes in your social life social activities, and family risks – and we know that these impacts may be highly stressful. We want to understand how COVID-19 is affecting CU students, and understand whether, and what types, of daily wellness strategies might buffer you from this stressor and help keep you well.

You are eligible for this research study if you are a CU Boulder student over the age of 18. The study lasts eight weeks, and all study data collection happens entirely online. If you participate in this study, you will complete a series of short daily microsurveys (one minute a day) as well as a longer survey that is sent to you once every two weeks (about 40 minutes to complete the biweekly surveys).

You may be assigned to a group in which we ask you to engage in daily wellness strategies either involving positive activities, or mindfulness practices. We will give you some examples of daily wellness strategies, but you get to choose what strategies you use and how long you spend on the strategies each day.

All participants are compensated for their time, and all participants may choose to withdraw from the study at any time.

Sound interesting? Contact us to participate!

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If you are in the Daily Activity (DA) Group click here for your materials.

If you are in the Daily Mindfulness (DM) Group click here for your materials.