Remember to report any changes relevant to the lawful maintenance of your dependent’s visa status to ISSS. If your dependent applies for a different status (for example, if your dependent begins study in F-1 status or begins their own J-1 program), you must notify ISSS, as your dependent cannot hold two immigration statuses at the same time.

English Language Resources for Non-Native English Speakers 

There are many resources available at the University of Colorado for non-native speakers of English.

Options include classes for credit, non-credit classes, workshops, on-line resources, in person writing consultants, conversation hours, and tutoring. See CU Boulder International Resources & Support Services.

CU Boulder's International English Center (IEC) offers a 25% discount to spouses and children of CU faculty and staff as well as CU degree-seeking students and visiting scholars.

Additionally, the Boulder Public Library offers: English conversation groups, conversational English classes, an Arabic literature discussion group, and more.

Child Care

Child Care in Colorado is rather expensive. Data from the Economic Policy Institute lists the average cost of infant child care in Colorado in excess of $15,000. Please note that these figures vary by city and county and may very well be higher in Boulder County.

Child Care Resources 

Enrolling Your Child in School 

Local schools are divided into groups, called districts, with Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) serving the city of Boulder and surrounding areas. To determine your neighborhood school, go to BVSD School Finder and enter your city and street address. The website will inform you of your neighborhood elementary, middle, and high schools. Please note, in addition to Kindergarten through 12th grade schooling, BVSD also offers public preschool.

BVSD enrollment begins with an online Enrollment Application.

Upon completion, you will need to bring your application receipt pages and the following documents to your neighborhood school:

  • Proof of child’s birth date– usually a birth certificate or passport. This will determine the appropriate grade for your child.
  • Record of updated immunizations– BVSD requires that all children in its school system have the required immunizations.  These immunizations can be obtained from a local doctor. For a list of BVSD’s required immunizations, go to Boulder Valley School District Immunizations and look at “Colorado State K-12 Immunization Requirements”
  • Proof of residency– such as a utility bill or lease agreement

If you wish to complete enrollment during the summer months (June and July) when schools are closed, you must provide the above documentation to BVSD’s Student Enrollment Center at 6500 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, CO 80303, or fax all documents to 720-561-5538.

For questions regarding enrollment, contact the Student Enrollment Center at 720-561-5247 or

Open Enrollment

You may wish to enroll your child in a BVSD school that is not your neighborhood school, such as another BVSD public school, focus school (school that meets BVSD standards but may have a different curriculum or philosophy), or charter school (independent school within the district). To do this, you must participate in open enrollment.  Open enrollment is a lottery process: families enter their children in a “lottery” that randomly selects entrants for the opportunity to enroll in non-neighborhood schools. The open enrollment application period, during which time you will need to enter your child into the lottery system, is usually open from the end of November through the beginning of January, for the following academic year.  For exact dates and to begin the open enrollment process, go to BVSD Enrollment.

Keep in mind that open enrollment is only for applying to a BVSD school that is not your designated neighborhood school!  If you live in BVSD but wish to enroll your child in a school of a different district, you must contact that district directly (see below). 

English as a Second Language

BVSD does accommodate students who are not proficient in English. These students have the option of participating in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes that are designed for students of limited English ability. Upon registering with BVSD, you will be required to complete a Home Language Survey indicating your child’s familiarity with English.  Your child will also be tested for English proficiency by BVSD’s Department of Language, Culture, and Equity. BVSD will use the survey and test to determine whether your child qualifies for an ESL program. 

Not all BVSD schools provide ESL programs. If your child qualifies for these services, check whether your neighborhood school offers them at BVSD English Language Development Schools.

If your neighborhood school does not offer ESL classes, you will be automatically referred to a school with an ESL program—you do not need to participate in the open enrollment lottery (unless you wish for your child to attend a school other than the one you are referred to).

For questions regarding ESL, contact BVSD’s Department of English Language Development at (720) 561-5073.

Other School Districts

You may live in an area that is served by a school district other than BVSD.  If this is the case, contact that district directly for information on enrollment: