If you think that your department will end up with some international candidates for your tenure/tenure-track/permanent position, it is best that you consult with ISSS before you run your recruitment advertisements. All prospective permanent faculty members or long-term researchers must eventually obtain permanent residency status, and a recruitment effort that meets Department of Labor guidelines will mean that we can more easily obtain permanent residency for your international hire.

Please consult with an advisor in ISSS prior to starting your recruitment process if you think you will have international candidates in your candidate pool.

The regulations for labor certification require that the employer advertise and recruit for the position in a national market, and make the position available to U.S. applicants on the same basis as international applicants. We must go through the normal procedures that would be followed for recruiting for similar faculty positions. We must show that the international applicant was chosen “pursuant to a competitive recruitment and selection process, through which the alien was found to be more qualified than any of the U.S. workers who applied for the job.”

If you think you will have international candidates in your applicant pool, we suggest that you have these elements in your recruitment advertisement:

For Teaching Positions

  • A precise job title
  • Mention of the degree required and area of specialization
  • If you are willing to hire people who are ABD, you must state that in the advertisement
  • Clear enumeration of job duties and job requirements or qualifications
  • Do NOT list preferences; it is seen as equivalent to requirements
  • No closing date for applications
  • Clear contact information
  • Advertise in at least one PRINT media (in an appropriate journal for the field)
  • All advertisements must be exactly the same no matter what media it is in

For Research Positions

Contact an advisor in ISSS.

ISSS Consultation

ISSS will be happy to review your advertisement to make sure the elements are there if you end up hiring an international candidate whom we will pursue permanent residency for.

ISSS can also meet with your prospective international candidates. This allows them to be aware of the services provided by our office, and it also allows us to advise you on the possibilities of obtaining the proper visa. It makes little sense to offer a permanent position to a prospective faculty member if it is clear that the proper status is unobtainable.

Consult ISSS on any questions related to immigration matters so that we may offer guidance and advice from the beginning rather than be forced to grapple with unsolvable problems in the later stages of the process. We are here to help.