ISSS Consultation

If your department expects international candidates in the applicant pool for your tenure/tenure-track/permanent position, please consult ISSS before running your recruitment advertisements.

  • ISSS can review your advertisement to ensure required elements are included the advertisement in the event that the candidate hired requires permanent residency status.
  • ISSS can meet with department staff and your prospective international candidates to discuss ISSS services, the permanent residency application process, and whether a candidate or position is suitable for permanent residency status.

Recruitment Process

All prospective permanent faculty members or long-term researchers must eventually obtain permanent residency status. A recruitment effort that meets Department of Labor guidelines will allow for an easier permanent residency filing for your international hire. The regulations for labor certification require that the employer advertise and recruit for the position in a national market, and make the position available to U.S. applicants on the same basis as international applicants.

  • The department must go through the normal procedures that would be followed for recruiting for similar faculty positions.
  • The department must show that the international applicant was chosen “pursuant to a competitive recruitment and selection process, through which the alien was found to be more qualified than any of the U.S. workers who applied for the job.”

Recruitment Advertisements for Teaching Positions

  • Include a precise job title
  • Mention the degree required and area of specialization
  • If you are willing to hire people who are ABD, you must state that in the advertisement
  • Include a clear enumeration of job duties and job requirements or qualifications
  • Do NOT list preferences; it is seen as equivalent to requirements
  • Do not include a closing date for applications
  • Include clear contact information

Recruitment Advertisements for Research Positions

Contact ISSS.