The university seeks to ensure all events provide attendees with a fun and secure environment. Depending on the location, size or planned activities of your event, your RSO may be required to meet with the SAFE committee. The SAFE committee works collaboratively with (and consists of) constituents from across the university community. 

Anticipate the following offices at a SAFE meeting:

  • Organization Administrator for the RSO/RSGO
  • Venue representative
  • Center for Student Involvement
  • CU Events Planning & Catering
  • UMC Administration
  • UMC Security
  • CU Police Department
  • Parking Services
  • Risk Management
  • University Counsel
  • University Communications

Typically, a representative from the CU Events Planning & Catering Office and/or the Rec Center will determine the need for a SAFE meeting, and will also inform your student organization of the meeting time and place.

Meetings take place approximately three weeks prior to event, typically occuring on Zoom or another virtual platform. An onsite meeting may be required for events hosted outdoors or in the Rec Center.

  • Event date, start/end time and location
  • Estimated crowd size and university affiliation (students, public, staff)
  • General information on expected attendees
  • How event will be advertised
  • Ticket price (if charging)
  • Information about guest speakers and performers
  • Information about equipment, food, DJ, set-up times, etc.
  • Specific questions or information about any potentially risky activities/portions of your event

 Questions? Contact your liaison for information on how to plan events, market your organization, SAFE meetings and more.