• Get or switch your workspace.

  • Request a change to your workspace.

Your helper

Contact Albert Kettner (INSTAAR Associate Director) with any questions or concerns about INSTAAR space.

Workspace assignments

People starting at INSTAAR are assigned workspaces after taking many factors into account that promote an inclusive, collaborative culture. Those factors include fostering interdisciplinary hubs, trying to keep students and supervisors close together, prioritizing based on the person's job category (i.e. faculty fellow, PRA, graduate student), and following university space guidelines.

These and many additional factors are discussed in detail in the INSTAAR Standing Rules, section VII. Inclusive Space Guidelines:

INSTAAR Standing Rules (PDF)

In the PDF, navigate to section VII via a link on the first page or turn on the sidebar/table of contents view.

All space assignments should be considered temporary and can be changed based on INSTAAR's overall needs and the detailed guiding principles in the Standing Rules. The Director of INSTAAR is the final arbitrator of disputes related to space.

Workspace usage guidelines

Let's make sure INSTAARs feel welcomed and appreciated by maintaining a clean and functional environment.

  • Foster a good work environment
    • Please be conscious of communicating well with your workspace mates and refrain from making too much noise. If needed, temporarily move to a conference or huddle room.
  • Respect University property and report damage
    • Respect property and report all damage to the space or its furniture (e.g., a malfunctioning door) to Albert Kettner.
  • Request adjustments to workspace
    • Request a temporary or permanent modification by first contacting Albert Kettner. Permanent changes will need to be approved by the INSTAAR Director Merritt Turetsky.
  • Follow huddle space guidelines
    • When using INSTAAR huddle spaces, follow the guidelines posted in each space.
  • When you move on from INSTAAR, leave a good space for the next person
    • Ensure that your personal and project-related belongings, including computers, are properly taken care of. For more info, see Property management.
    • Return physical office keys to Facility Management, and all other keys (e.g. of drawers, cages, for computer locks, etc.) to the INSTAAR Executive Assistant. For more info, see Leaving INSTAAR & exit interview.