• Distribute your salary across speedtypes.

  • Spend salary on grants.

Your helpers

Get in touch with your finance contact: Kathleen Hale, Jean Lindahl, Lindsay McCandless, Marisa Seitz, or Heather Stoffel. If you don't know which person is your contact, see Finance contacts.

Salary funding allocation

Each INSTAAR employee must have an active funding source (referred to as a speedtype) to cover their pay. Supervisors or Primary Investigators (PIs) should send their finance contact a speedtype(s) and start/end date for when their employee should be charged to a particular account. Employees who are not supervisors or PIs are not responsible for providing funding information.

A funding end date stops salary funding from posting to a speedtype(s) but it does not stop pay. Payroll distributions with expired funding end dates will post to a "suspense" account and will have to be manually moved to the correct account. Timely notice of when funding needs to be updated helps prevent this extra work. If payroll needs to be stopped, the supervisor/PI needs to reach out to instaarpay@colorado.edu to request this stoppage.

At the beginning of each pay period (month or biweekly) as needed, your finance contact will reach out to gather salary funding allocations. These salary funding entries must be entered before HR's payroll deadline, typically mid-month. The speedtype(s) salaries are charged to must reflect where effort will be spent. Salary funding can also be set up for multiple months if it is known how long a person will be working on particular projects. Once an employee's salary funding allocation has reached an end date, your finance contact will reach out again to determine how salary funding will need to be updated.

Leave taken

If you take leave (sick, vacation, etc.) in any given pay period, that leave will be charged to the current speedtype(s) funding your salary during that period. Leave does not get charged to a pool as it is accrued, so it must follow current funding.