• Edit your profile webpage.

  • Edit your lab/group webpages.

  • Request other content changes.

Your helpers

Both Shelly Sommer and David Lubinski can help you. Shelly is the lead on content changes and David for login and other technical issues. But if one of us is unavailable, the other can step in.

Edit your profile

All INSTAARs have an individual profile webpage on the INSTAAR website (See People). Shelly and David are glad to edit your profile for you; just email us your requested changes. Alternatively, you can do it yourself. Most people can edit their entire profile webpage themselves. Faculty, however, can only edit the topmost part of their webpage above the horizontal tabs (Bio, Research, Publications, etc) because of severe limitations of the Web Express system. 

Edit your profile - instructions

Where do I log in?

After you've followed the above instructions, you'll need to log in with your CU Boulder IdentiKey username and password. You can log in by going to the INSTAAR home page and adding /user to the end of the URL, like this:
https://www.colorado.edu/instaar/user or click the button below:

Visit the login page 

Edit your lab/group

All labs/group are listed at Labs & Groups. Some are hosted on the INSTAAR website while others are hosted elsewhere (i.e., Squarespace, Wix, Weebly). For those hosted by INSTAAR, Shelly and David are glad to edit your lab/group for you; just email your requested changes. Alternatively, your lab/group can designate a single lab/group member to be your team's web editor (access and instructions will be available later this Spring).  

Edit your lab/group - instructions coming this summer

Request other content changes

For any needed changes anywhere on the website, please contact Shelly or David.

Calendar events

INSTAAR events appear on both the Campus Events Calendar and INSTAAR website.  Our events are entered via the Campus Events Calendar, not the INSTAAR website.  For more info, see the INSTAAR events calendar resource.