• Buy computers and accessories.

  • Fix hardware problems.

  • Tag, track, or dispose of hardware.

Your helper

Chad Stoffel can help you with the full life cycle of your IT hardware, from purchasing and tracking to disposal years later. Start with an email to instaarit@colorado.edu.

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New PC or Mac?

This is usually the first question when someone arrives at INSTAAR. We support all makes and models of machines; it's really up to your personal preference as to which way we go. We can recommend specs based on your needs and are current on all of the latest technologies available.

Cost of purchase is covered by individual PIs and research groups.

For ordering and information, please contact us at instaarit@colorado.edu

CU Boulder tenure/tenure-track faculty are eligible for a subsidy of $1,200 every four years to upgrade their computers and incorporate technology into their teaching and learning. Learn how to buy a computer through the program.

Troubleshooting hardware/software

Sometimes things go haywire and INSTAAR IT can help in troubleshooting the issues that might be causing you IT headaches. We can suggest replacements or help find the parts required to fix the machine. Chad has over 22 years experience in fixing computers and has pretty much seen everything, although there's always a new technology to introduce even more issues around the corner.

Supercomputer access

OIT offers high performance computing nodes availabe through the Research Computing group on campus. For costs and options, please check out their website.

Tracking & disposal

All laptops/desktops are now tracked by INSTAAR IT, and when a machine needs to be recycled, we will send it to CU's Property Services Disposal unit for environmentally thoughtful disposal.