• Track your spending.

  • Get help with Concur & Marketplace.

Your helpers

Get in touch with your finance contact: Kathleen Hale, Jean Lindahl, Lindsay McCandless, or Heather Stoffel. If you don't know which person is your contact, see Finance Contacts.

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How can your finance contact assist you once your grant is awarded?

Navigating the policies and procedures of sponsored project research can be difficult. Let us help you! Read on to learn more about how the INSTAAR finance team can help.

Financial management

  • Financial spreadsheets: Post Award Specialists prepare financial spreadsheets to show the balance remaining on your speedtype(s).
  • Expense allowability: Is an expense allowable, allocable, reasonable, and consistent? If you are unsure, reach out to your finance contact prior to purchasing to make sure the expense can be charged to the grant. See also, determining allowable costs.
  • Prior approvals: Throughout the course of the project a PI may need to make changes to the project period, budget, scope, or key personnel. We can coordinate with the CU Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) to obtain prior approval from the sponsor for these changes.
  • Cost transfers: Did you have an expense that ended up on the wrong speedtype? We can create a journal entry to correct the error.
  • Forms: Your local beauracracy's favorite. We can help you fill out these forms and more.
    • Standing Purchase Order (SPO) Markup: to modify subaward funding
    • No Cost Extension (NCE): All NCE requests must be submitted by OCG to the sponsor. Your finance contact can assist you with initiating this request by filling out OCG’s NCE Request Form.
    • At-Risk SpeedType Request Form: for pre-award spending when the sponsor has not yet sent funds. Must be backed by a PI general or auxiliary fund.
    • Statement of Work (SOW): for hiring independent contractors.

Salary funding

  • Entering funding: We input salary funding to HCM, CU's human resources system. See Monthly Funding Allocation page for additional details.
  • Funding sources: We can check if a grant has sufficient funding for a hire. HR is able to assist with the hiring process: see Hiring.
  • Full time effort (FTE) changes: We can update your standard hours per week.

Purchasing, travel, and Concur

  • Purchasing guidance: General guidance on how to make purchases. Also see the Purchasing Overview and Special Considerations for specifics.
  • Marketplace: Obtaining access to Marketplace, the primary CU procurement platform.
  • Supplier updates: Setting up new suppliers/vendors in Marketplace or requesting changes to a supplier in Marketplace.
  • Expense reports: Expense report creation in Concur (monthly PCard reports, travel reconciliations, reimbursements).
  • Travel guidance: Including travel expense report creation in Concur. See the Travel page for additional details.
  • Credit cards: Applying for a Procurement Card or Travel Card.

Need help with something not on this list? Just ask! If we don't know how to answer we will do our best to help you find someone who does.