• Join an INSTAAR email list.

  • Send email to a list.

  • Opt in to the social list.

Your helper

Please contact Chad Stoffel.


When you become an INSTAAR, Becky Miller (HR Specialist) will add you to several INSTAAR email lists via the university's Google Workspace Groups. If you are missing email that you expect, please contact Chad Stoffel. There is also an opt-in list for social topics.

Send email to a list

Most lists are configured to allow anyone subscribed to that list to email it. Some are restricted, so that only list owners can email that list (i.e. instaar-seminars), while others are moderated so that emails only go out to the list once they have been checked for relevancy (i.e. instaars-local).

Join the opt-in social list

INSTAAR created a "social" list instaar_social@colorado.edu which is meant for emails about rooms for rent, happy hour outings, things for sale, etc. These types are emails are not allowed on the other lists. If you want to be on the social list, contact Chad Stoffel. 

See your current Google group lists

To see which lists you are subscribed to, login to https://groups.google.com/ with your Identikey.  Choose "My groups" in the left sidebar.