Portrait of Harry Allbrook
PhD Student
• Organic geochemistry • Oceanography
Geological Sciences • Graduate Certificate in Oceanography

Organic Geochemistry Lab
Advisor: Julio Sepúlveda

Community-scale lipidomics, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, organic geochemistry, oceanography, biogeochemistry and geomicrobiology in changing oceans


I am interested in the persistence of—and interplay between—different surface ocean microbial communities through the lense of lipidomics and genomics. The observed inclusion and remodelling of membrane-spanning lipids in response to multi-environmental stressors is of particular interest, as this enables the application of sedimentary archives to estimate environmental changes of the past.

Outside of the lab, I'm interested in developing immersive learning experiences that utilise computing and VR to conceptualise complex phenomena that we are unable to see in our regular macroscopic realm—opening the door to hands-on ocean education in landlocked Colorado.


  • MSci (Chemistry): University of Bristol, 2020


Teaching assistant for GEOL1150: Water, Energy, and Environment. 'WEE' examines the interfaces between resources, environment, and society. The course aims to instil critical assessment of how these three categories are interlinked and how geological sciences apply to other domains of society.