Published: June 6, 2024 By
Photo of Tina Geller.

INSTAAR is pleased to announce that Tina Geller is the recipient of the INSTAAR Graduate Student Community Award for 2024. The award recognizes students who spend substantial effort in activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the INSTAAR community or as representatives of INSTAAR. Nominations can come from any member of the INSTAAR community and are evaluated by the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force.

Geller is a PhD student (ATOC) working with Professor Julia Moriarty to study circulation in coastal Arctic lagoons in Alaska. She has been involved in social justice advocacy since shortly after her arrival at CU Boulder in 2020. As part of committees and task forces, Geller frequently volunteers to do the work of research, writing, outreach, and support needed to lay the groundwork for a more equitable and inclusive community.

During her four years so far at CU Boulder, Tina has been consistently involved in JEDI meetings, student concern meetings, director meetups with students, student seminars, and outreach events hosted by INSTAAR. Geller exemplifies the principles of inclusivity by her spoken comments of support for the ideas of others, and by her genuine care for the people in the INSTAAR community.

Currently, Geller serves on the Hydrosciences Student Seminar Steering Committee. Last spring, she co-organized INSTAAR’s storytelling night. She also sits on multiple student committees in her department.