Published: June 5, 2024
An American pika forages avens on Niwot Ridge. Photo by Craig Stevenson.

Join us at the Mountain Research Station for talks about the plants, animals, soils, permafrost, fires, and water of the Front Range, and how climate change interacts with all of them. The Summer Seminar Series features scientists talking about the research they know best. Learn about everything from the impacts of fire on Coal Creek, the biogeography of organisms that live in your house, climate variability, or American pika.

The seminars are free and open to the public. They take place in the Megaron at the Mountain Research Station, 818 County Road 116, Nederland, at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Speakers and topics include:

  • June 12: George Kiladis, A look at recent climate variability over the Front Range of Colorado.
  • June 19: Bradley Allf, House ecology: A field guide to the great Indoors.
  • June 26: Katie Rocci, Soil biogeochemical feedbacks to climate change using ecosystem models.
  • July 3: Irina Overeem: Permafrost in the high alpine of the Front Range Rocky Mountains: Was permafrost was a factor in the 2022 Chaos Canyon landslide?
  • July 10: Lauren Magliozzi: Fire, water, and the urban wild: Impacts of the Marshall fire on Coal Creek in Boulder County, Colorado
  • July 17: Mike Moore: Mating and the ecological limits of species on a changing planet
  • July 24: Chris Ray: A tale of two pikas: from dueling subspecies to dueling visions of the future for an alpine icon
  • July 31: Mike Gooseff: Water and nutrient fluxes from subalpine watersheds
  • August 7: Suzanne Anderson: Unraveling the whole darn thing: Weathering and erosion and critical zone architecture
  • August 14: Petr Sklenář: Tropical versus temperate alpine plant ecology and the Ecuador-Colorado pollination project
  • August 21: Jonathan Henn: Alpine plant responses to global change

Find the list of speakers and directions on the Mountain Research Station website.