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Innovation and entrepreneurship are mindsets that run deep in the minds and spirits of the CU Boulder community—students, faculty and staff. We know many opportunities need to be shared and communicated, so let us help you get your content, events and opportunities in front of our shared CU Boulder audience!

Join the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Communicators Group

All communicators on campus are welcome to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Communicators Group to amplify each other's programs, collaborate on opportunities, share our successes and troubleshoot problems. To join the Microsoft Teams Chat, Email ListServe or monthly meetups, please get in touch with

Events Promotion

  If your event or program has a registration or application deadline, create a separate event for that deadline so that it appears higher up in calendar feeds in time for users to act on them!

  With so much happening on campus, we strongly recommend beginning the promotion of your events before the start of the semester they are happening and at least four months before to sync up with the typical cycles of newsletters, social media campaigns and other promotional opportunities on campus.

Internal innovation and entrepreneurship events calendar

Want to see what other innovation and entrepreneurship events may be in the works but not publicly available yet? Please get in touch with to get added to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Events Planner spreadsheet.

Promote through the Initiative calendars

To add your event to the Initiative events page, you must add it to the CU Boulder Events Calendar via the web app Localist. Adding your event to the calendar will also push your event to websites, newsletters and digital display feeds across campus, depending on the keywords and tags assigned to your event.

  • If you create an event by logging in to a Localist admin account, please include either or both of the tags "Innovation" and "Entrepreneurship" in your submission.
  • If you create an event through the webform without logging in to an admin account, please include the "Innovation & Entrepreneurship" group in your submission.

  Keep an eye on other tags, keywords and campus units (labeled as "Groups" on this calendar) that you can use on your events to strategically target audiences across campus.

  Explicit copy in listings about who is eligible to participate in events (ex: "this event is only open to physics majors," or "this event welcomes anyone with a Buff OneCard") can be very useful to prospective audiences.

 Consider also sending your event to CU Boulder Today

Promote through the Initiative Social Media

Add the official Initiative (@innovatecubldr) and the University of Colorado Boulder (@CUBoulder) accounts as co-hosts on your Facebook events to add them to our Facebook event feeds.

If you have an event you would like to originate through the Initiative account, please contact

Email Newsletters

The Initiative produces two regular newsletters. The Student Newsletter (targeting all students, faculty and staff) is sent biweekly during the academic year. The Community Newsletter (targeting faculty, staff, and our external community of supporters and mentors) is sent monthly. Sign Up for our Newsletters

To feature content in an upcoming newsletter...

Articles and News Promotions

To post an article to the Initiative newsfeed contact

 Consider also sending your news to CU Boulder Today

Design and Branding

CU Boulder Branding

All CU Boulder affiliates are expected to use our singular, cohesive brand platform in alignment with university policy. Learn More

  Off-brand promotions from CU tend to receive less audience engagement and shared support from other campus programs.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative Stamp

Please check back soon for more information on this topic.

Social Media

To amplify posts to your unit's social media accounts through the official Initiative accounts, please tag us with @innovatecubldr on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and "CU Boulder Innovation and Entrepreneurship" on LinkedIn.

If you have content you would like to originate through the Initiative account, please contact

  A great way to increase your audience reach through social media is to include tags of all the units related to key people or initiatives in the post.

Other Tips, Tricks and Tools