Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and ICS

The Institute of Cognitive Science understands the importance of inclusion, diversity, and equity to its research and teaching excellence. Inclusion, diversity, and equity in our organization:

  • enable faculty, students, staff, and affiliates to reach their full potential
  • foster scientific innovation by bringing different perspectives to solving research problems, and
  • make Cognitive Science more relevant to humanity’s needs by ensuring the problems to be investigated and solved represent a broad range of people.

The Institute is also aware that overcoming centuries of societal and institutional biases is not easy. ICS is comitted to making inclusion, diversity, and equity an explicit focus of attention, and investing time and resources to create an anti-oppressive, non-discriminatory organization.

Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Committee: What is it for? What does it do? How to get involved. Learn more>>


ICS Anti-Racism Statement

We Stand Together Against Racism: we acknowledge the pain and harm our community’s individual and organizational racist practices have inflicted and continue to inflict on our Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPoC) students, educators, researchers, staff, faculty and collaborators. We condemn overt and covert, intentional and unintentional racist actions, and systemic racism, in our individual members and as an organization. We commit to identifying and eradicating racist organizational practices and becoming an anti-racist and inclusive community through assessment, education, and action.