In the most recent Academic Reivew and Planning Advisory Committee (ARPAC) assessment of ICS in 2019, several areas of self-improvement were identified related to inclusive excellence. ICS is building its inclusion, diversity, and equity actions based on a goal to make significant improvements to the organization, ensure equity and a sense of belonging for all members, and become a campus leader in inclusive excellence by the next seven-year ARPAC review taking place in 2029.

  • Design and implement plans for recruiting graduate students from underrepresented groups
  • Create and implement plans to increase students interaction with ICS community members 
  • Develop and implement a concrete plan to improve diversity among tenure-track faculty members that lives up to CU Boulder’s inclusive excellence standards
  • Establish a formal mentoring program for research faculty
  • Develop and implement means to strengthen a sense of community among program faculty, researcher, staff members and between graduate students 

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee: IDEC

IDEC is the driving force to realize ICS' committment to becoming an anti-oppressive, non-discriminatory, inclusive, welcoming, equitable, and diverse community, and through the realization, become a campus leader in inclusiveness, diversity, and equity by 2029.


  • To create an organization where everyone, regardless of visible and invisible differences, can thrive in their learning, research, teaching, and professional development through feeling safe, respected, welcomed, and supported


  • Eliminate racism and all oppressions in ICS and its affiliated units
  • Create a safe, supportive, welcoming, diverse, inclusive community of researchers, educators, students, and staff

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To date, IDEC has completed actions in five main categories of work:

  • Building the Foundation of Trust and Inclusiveness
  • Finding Out More About the State of IDE at ICS - Assessments
  • Systemic/Institutional change
  • Education, Outreach, Awareness
  • Collaboration with Other Units and Programs

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