ICS as an organization supports the inclusion of Pronouns in Emails and Website Contact information:

  • Include pronouns with the signature name on emails and on the ICS website People Page profiles for current faculty, research associates, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students
  • Example: Jon Johnson (they/them/their), Jane Smith (she/her/they/them), Bob Doe (he/him/his)
  • Learn more about pronoun use
  • Inclusion of Pronouns is optional

ICS as an organization supports the use of the following IDE and Land Recognition Statement in Email Signatures:

We Stand Together Committed to:

  • Communicate openly with and support all members of our community, including but not limited to national and international: researchers, students, staff, faculty, research participants, volunteers, and facilities and building staff
  • Create space for sharing, recognizing, and acknowledging racist and other oppressive actions, policies, and experiences in our community
  • Connect and listen deeply to each other
  • Work together to address areas where ICS falls short of our anti-oppressive, inclusive, diverse, equitable vision, mission, and goals 
  • Individually and collectively take actions to eradicate oppression, discrimination, harassment, and division throughout the ICS community
  • Examine and identify implicit bias and systemic oppressions 
  • Implement policies and strategies to dismantle barriers to individual and group success.
  • Recognize the role of authoritarianism in oppression.
  • Invest time and resources into efforts that create an equitable, diverse, anti-discriminatory, anti-oppressive, inclusive research community

Published as a section of the ICS Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Statements.