The I-CAMP•12 lectures will be webcast in real time for the participants from around the World. To participate:

(1) Follow the link http://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/icamp2012/, then, choose to enter as a guest, enter your preferred name/nickname, and agree to the “Terms of Use”.

(2) You will first need to download the free webcast software. When you follow the link below, you will be asked if you would like to install Adobe Connect http://connect.brand.us.sem.adobe.com/content/.

In addition to the webcast, all I-CAMP presentations will be videotaped and then archived on the I-CAMP web pages, all done in consideration of patent or publication restrictions. The videotaped lectures will be synchronized with Powerpoint and pdf-files of presentations posted on the I-CAMP web page for public access. This will be done in the best tradition of previous workshops organized by ICAM. We also encourage the participants to contribute relevant content of their presentations to the ICAMipedia website.

You will need to register in order use all available features of web casting. When you register for the Summer School, please make sure to indicate that you will be attending Off-Site. We will send more detailed webcast instructions to you via email before the summer school begins.

I-CAMP•12 webcast coordinators: Paul AckermanJulian EvansTaewoo Lee and Manoj Pandey.

Clicker Technology

iClicker is a web-based tool for instructors and students of mathematics and science and is now used by over 2 million students and 1000 institutions. Built with the goal of keeping students focused on course content, not technology, iClicker features superior reliability, intuitive software, and focus on pedagogy. To learn more go to more about iClicker or watch YouTube video about iClicker.