Visa Information

The U.S. has recently implemented strict visa policies to increase security for our citizens and visitors. It will probably take you longer to get a visa than it used to, and you should apply well in advance of your departure date. For details that may apply specifically to your country, see information posted by your nearest U.S. consulate or embassy.

Some U.S. consulates are requiring a printed invitation on the conference/University letterhead and with an original signature as part of the visa application. The Organizing Committee of I-CAMP 2012 will provide such letters on request. Please contact Orginizing Commmittee if you need an invitation letter.

The I-CAMP participants should apply for B-1 Business Visitor Visa. The letter of acceptance to the School received by prospective participants from organizers is sufficient for the visa application purposes.

Useful information for international participants can be found at the following web pages:


Boulder is forty miles from the International Airport in Denver (DIA) and also has a local airport. To get to Boulder, it is best to fly into the Denver International Airport, which is located approximately 45 minutes away from Boulder.

  • Bus Transportation: In order to get to Boulder from DIA, take the RTD AB bus, which costs $10.00 (pay exact amount on the bus) and leaves from the WEST side of DIA, level 5, island 5, once an hour, roughly 15 or 20 mins after the hour. Inquire at the RTD booth for precise times. For more details check at the RTD booth or see or RTD buses run many routes so it is important that you take the AB route. Another mode of transportation between DIA and Boulder is the Supershuttle (phone: 303-227-0000), which provides door-to-door service and also leaves DIA every hour.

    Boulder has a very extensive bus system. If you would like to visit a location beyond the vicinity of campus, visit for bus route information.

  • Taxis/Cab: Call YellowCab at 303-777-7777. Because of the long distance to Boulder, cab service is expensive. The fixed rate is ~ $65.00 one-way, depending on location.
  • Rental Car: Visit web pages of car rental companies. Note that some car rental counters may close in mid-evening (9:00pm), so you need to check for closing time when making reservations.

Please use the interactive web-based Campus map in order to find directions to Duane Physics building,Gamow Tower and other locations on Campus.