Group of doctors and nurses

Chronic Condition Management and Acute Episodic Treatment

Through our Chronic Care Team (CCT), Medical Services provides assessment, support and treatment to students with chronic conditions. 

Our team is made up of medical providers, nurses and behavioral health providers dedicated to developing an appropriate care plan for each student’s specific needs. Our staff is specially trained and resourced to provide this level of care and referrals to local specialists as needed. 

Get Started

Schedule an initial 30-minute 'meet-and-greet' appointment with the Medical Clinic by calling 303-492-5432.

'Meet-and-greet' appointments can be scheduled prior to the start of the academic year. They are free and a great way to discuss medical conditions and how our team can support students during their time at CU Boulder.

Ongoing visits with the CCT are covered by the Gold SHIP. If you elect to use your own private insurance, we can bill them directly. Simply provide us with your insurance card when you check in for your appointment. The BuffCare Supplement can help cover any out-of-pocket expenses after the insurance has been billed.

To prepare for your appointment, please complete the following paperwork: