Health and Wellness Services is your on-campus home for health care, regardless of what insurance plan you have. We bill eligible services directly through your insurance carrier (private or CU Gold Student Health Insurance Plan).

Out-of-pocket costs are dependent on individual health insurance plan benefits. 

Person going through bills.

How does insurance billing and payment work?

Students must present a copy of their insurance card (or show a picture of it) every time they check in at Wardenburg Health Center.

If a student has private health insurance coverage, Medical Services will file claims with the insurance carrier. Students are responsible for applicable co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and any non-covered services (including those not covered by the BuffCare Program). Balances will be directly posted to your student account through the Bursar's office. Please note, you will not receive a separate statement from Medical Services.

Make a payment

You can pay for Health and Wellness charges at MyCUInfo or CUBill&Pay. A detailed statement can be found at MyCUHealth patient portal.

Students enrolled in Continuing Education credits or who withdraw from the university will be billed directly through their MyCUHealth patient portal and notified via email when charges are applied.

Anyone making payments on behalf of the student must be an Authorized Payer on the account. Students who would like a family member to be able to view their detailed statement should also complete the “Authorization to Verbally Disclose Health Information” form in the MyCUHealth patient portal.

Privacy notice

By law, health care services are confidential, however the policy holder on your private insurance (your parent if you're on their insurance) may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company detailing the services you receive from CU Boulder Medical Services.

As an alternative to insurance billing, you may make a cash payment with our Billing Office on the same day that your tests are ordered or performed. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Business Office at 303-735-4001.

What insurance plans are accepted?

Before waiving or opting-out of the CU Boulder Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), we highly recommend confirming in-network coverage through your insurance carrier. Phone numbers to contact your insurance carrier are typically provided on your health insurance card. 

The following information will be helpful when confirming coverage with your insurance:

  • CU Medical Services Tax ID # : 84-6000555
  • CU Medical Services NPI # : 1083815203

*Please note that some insurance providers are only able to identify in-network status through the individual provider NPI. Individual provider NPI numbers can be found on Our Providers page.

Out-of-state coverage

If you are coming to CU Boulder from another state, here are a few things to verify with your insurance carrier:

  • Does your plan only cover urgent or emergency care when you are away from home? Medical Services only bills as an outpatient facility.
  • Do you need a referral from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) before you can be seen by Medical Services?
  • Can you change your PCP to a Medical Services provider? This will alleviate the need for a referral. Visit Our Providers page.
  • Does your insurance provide "Away from Home" coverage? This may allow a better benefit within Medical Services.

Eligible services