Never gotten an allergy shot?

If you have never had an allergy shot, you will need to have your first shot administered at your allergist's office after testing has been completed. We do NOT staff an allergist or have an antigen mixing lab at WHS and do NOT offer allergy testing. Our allergy clinic is run by our team of nurses and overseen by a Nurse Practitioner. The cost of shots is covered by BuffCare and Gold SHIP. If you plan on using your outside insurance, please call your insurance company to see if they cover the cost of shots at Wardenburg Health Center.

How to establish care with WHS’s Allergy Clinic

  1. Read and sign the attached MOU
  2. Send the signed MOU to your allergist for review and for their signature
  3. Have your allergist fill out the attached Patient Summary and send items requested via the Checklist
  4. Fax or have your allergist fax all of the requested information to 303-492-6850
  5. Schedule an initial allergy appointment at WHS’s Allergy Clinic by calling 303-492-5432

What to expect at your initial allergy appointment

At this appointment we will discuss policies and procedures for our clinic. No shots will be given at this initial appointment. This appointment may occur while we’re awaiting all of the necessary documents and vials from your allergist. Please note, we CANNOT administer shots until all of the requested information has been received and reviewed by our allergy oversite provider AND she has approved working in collaboration with your allergist.

Vial storage

We will gladly store your vials in our allergy refrigerator. Vials may be shipped or dropped off at any time during regular business hours.

Wardenburg Health Services, Allergy Clinic
1900 Wardenburg Drive
Room 373
Boulder, CO 80309-0119

Business Hours:

By appointment only. Weekdays only.

Closures: Friday, March 29

Continuing allergy shot patients

If you have already completed your initial allergy appointment at Wardenburg Health Center, see below for appointment information.

If you have been away for the summer and will be continuing allergy shots, please remember to bring in your most recent shot records for your return visit along with your vials.