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If you’ve suddenly found yourself in a long distance relationship (or you’re following Stay at Home orders and are not able to see your significant other at the moment), here are some long distance date ideas to help you stay connected and build your relationship while social distancing.

Cook together

Look through your pantries to find common ingredients and select a recipe to make “together.” It can be as simple as baking cookies, spaghetti with marinara or breakfast for dinner. Set a time to video chat with one another and get cooking! If you’re feeling competitive, turn it into a cooking competition (minus Gordon Ramsay). Afterwards, sit down and enjoy the meal together and spend time catching up with one another.

Enjoy a movie night

Grab whatever snacks you have on hand and get ready for the ultimate at-home movie date night. Often, one of the toughest parts of a movie nights can be choosing what to watch. If you’re feeling stuck, you can use Date Night Movies to help you decide. You and your significant other each choose a movie you’d be excited to see and the app generates titles that are a happy medium. After you’ve chosen a title, find it online through popular streaming channels or you can even rent movies from RedBox online. Start the movie at the same time or use apps like Netflix Party or Kast to share videos, movies and shows across devices. Remember to message each other or connect over video to share your reactions and chat about the movie.

Send “open when” letters to each other

Snail mail is coming back into style. Write encouraging notes to your significant other for when they may be feeling sad, lonely or stressed. Mail them individually or in a large envelope all at once. Label each one to let your partner know when they should open them. This can serve as the perfect pick-me-up while you are apart or struggling with change and uncertainty. Plus, receiving something in the mail is a sure way to make someone’s day. 

Sip-n-paint at home

If you have art supplies on hand, now is a great time to set up an at-home sip and paint studio. Choose an art project to do with your partner, gather your supplies and prepare some snacks. Set up a video chat with one another and get painting (or drawing or coloring). If you need something to talk about while you get crafty, consider playing 20 questions (what’s your dream vacation, who would be your celebrity bff and why, etc.). After you’ve completed your masterpieces, do a final reveal to share your artwork with one another!

Star gaze together

Cozy up with a blanket and some cocoa to enjoy stargazing together using a video or phone call. You can use apps like Night Sky (iOS) or SkyView (Android, iOS) to identify constellations, planets, celestial bodies and more. This is a great opportunity to talk with one another, check up on your relationship or create a playful date by challenging each other to a galactic scavenger hunt. 

If you or your significant other are feeling overwhelmed, Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) is here to help. Students residing in Colorado can call 303-492-2277 to set up a free virtual walk-in appointment with a counselor. 

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