Our Colloquia Series presents engaging research from around the world. Guest presenters cover varied topics from all aspects of Geography. This page lists abstracts from past and future colloquia.

Geography Colloquium Series

Too big, too hot, too soon: Testing for fire-catalyzed changes to forest resilience in a warming climate

Nov. 6, 2015

Abstract: Fire is the dominant natural disturbance that shapes many temperate and boreal forest ecosystems, but climate warming and associated increased wildfire activity have led to widespread concern that forests may be less resilient now and in the future. How big can forest fires get before forests are slow to...

Geography Colloquium Series

To Honor the Spirit of the Land: Indigenous Resource Management and Political Ecology

Oct. 30, 2015

Abstract: With the increasing sophistication of tribal environmental programs that seek to protect and reclaim authority over lands and resources, how are Native nations reconciling the institutional framework of “resource management” with traditional teachings on proper relationships with nonhuman beings? How might the intersection of political ecology and Indigenous studies...