Our Colloquia Series presents engaging research from around the world. Guest presenters cover varied topics from all aspects of Geography. This page lists abstracts from past and future colloquia.

Geography Colloquium Series

Beyond “Broader Impacts”: Reflexivity and Reciprocity in Transdisciplinary Coupled Human-Natural Systems Research

Oct. 7, 2016

Abstract: The Mongolian Rangelands and Resilience (MOR2) project was developed collaboratively by physical, ecological and social scientists, pastoralists, conservation practitioners and government decision-makers. We aimed to 1) increase understanding of the effects of climate change on Mongolian pastoral systems, 2) investigate the role of formal community-based rangeland management in building...

Geography Colloquium Series

Los Otros Dreamers

Sept. 30, 2016

The Cultural Unity and Engagement Center, Latin American Studies Center , Center to Advance Research & Teaching in the Social Sciences , the International Student and Scholar Programs, Department of Geography, and the University of Denver Josef Korbel School of International Studies bring the author of Los Otros Dreamers, Jill...

Geography Colloquium Series

How the West was Spun: Science, Development and the De-politicization of Fire

Sept. 23, 2016

Abstract: Diverse actors in the American West extract profits and surplus value from fire-prone areas at the urban periphery while inserting considerable social risks and costs back onto the landscape. To better excavate and highlight these drivers of increased wildfire risk (a process labeled ‘the Incendiary’) I suggest a shift...

Geography Colloquium Series

A Stirring Place: Indigenous Resistance in the Mariana Islands

Sept. 16, 2016

Abstract: This project examines local responses to challenge US militarization and colonization in Guåhan (Guam). I argue that efforts to “protect and defend” Guåhan’s sacred sites focus on issues of ancestral land, language, sovereignty, and environmental justice. They also rely primarily on actions that both depend on and reinforce communicative...

Geography Colloquium Series

vonDreden Stacey fellow presentations

Sept. 9, 2016

Presentations by the undergraduate recipients of the vonDreden Stacey Fellowships "The Hydrology of Betasso, a closer look at an intermittent tributary to Boulder Creek" presented by Kristina Cowell "Queering Spaces: Being Gay in Rio de Janeiro" presented by Brooke Long "Lenin Down, a look at Ukraine's Nationalist Revival" presented by...

Geography Colloquium Series

Homelessness in Cambodia: The Violence of Beautification

Aug. 26, 2016

This talk examines the plight of homeless peoples in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as a consequence of their enmeshment in a new logic of urban governance being effected by city officials and municipal planners. The widespread adoption of free market economics has produced conditions of globalized urban entrepreneurialism, from which Phnom...

Geography Colloquium Series


April 29, 2016

Come hear ideas, stories, events, and experiences that don't make it into the final academic cut. Presenters will discuss outtakes from field work, notes and thoughts jotted down in the interstices of our more "serious" work, stories concocted, or theories developed.

Geography Colloquium Series

Business and Belief among Han Chinese Practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism in the People's Republic of China

April 22, 2016

Abstract: In the context of a perceived spiritual and moral crisis in Chinese society, growing numbers of Han Chinese are turning to Tibetan Buddhism for ethical guidance. This talk is based on an ethnographic study of a group of wealthy, urban Han Chinese who have become followers of Tibetan Buddhism...

Geography Colloquium Series

Tree-mendously important? Defining and quantifying relationships between people and forests

April 15, 2016

Abstract: The relationship between forests and people is of substantial interest to peoples and agencies that govern and use them, private sector actors that seek to manage and profit from them, NGOs who support and implement conservation and development projects, and researchers who study these relationships and others. The term...

Geography Colloquium Series

The contested geopolitics of US drone warfare

March 11, 2016

Abstract: This paper argues that drone warfare is transforming the security logics of U.S. geopolitics. Crucial to this argument is the idea that technologies like drones can bend, distort, and fold their surrounding environment, producing hybrid “technogeographies” that lock uneven power relations into the planet. While geopolitics may have long...