Master of Arts (MA)

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The basic purpose of the graduate program in the Department of Geography is to train scholars and professionals to produce and disseminate knowledge and to make outstanding contributions in the public and private sectors.

Students wishing to pursue graduate work in geography leading to candidacy for advanced degrees should read the Master's Degree Requirements section carefully. 

General Requirements

The minimum requirements for an MA in geography may be fulfilled by completing 30 semester hours of graduate work, including a thesis, which carries up to 6 credit hours.  A Master's student must register for a minimum of 4 but not more than 6 hours of thesis (total) and enough graduate level coursework (5000 and above) to equal a total of 30 hours.  Masters students may, with the written approval of their advisor, use a maximum of 6 hours of 3000 or 4000 level coursework to reach the required 30 hours.

Transfer of Credit

Under certain conditions, 9 semester hours may be transferred toward the M.A. degree, but may be transferred only after one semester of residency.

See Theses & Dissertations for a list of past work.