Published: Jan. 26, 2021

Johannes Uhl

Johannes Uhl

Stefan Leyk's research team has two new publications. Johannes Uhl is the lead author on both. One is in Nature's Communications Earth & Environment and the other in Earth Systems Science Data. The papers feature the research team's historical settlement data sources and studies on urban development over more than 100 years in the US. 


Nature published a blog post today, by Johannes Uhl, about the team's work.

  • Uhl J.H., Leyk S., McShane C.M., Braswell A.E., Connor D.S., and Balk D. 2021. Fine-grained, spatio-temporal datasets measuring 200 years of land development in the United States, Earth System Science Data,
  • Uhl J.H., Connor D.S., Leyk S., and Braswell A.E. 2021. A century of decoupling size and structure of urban spaces in the United States, Nature Communications Earth & Environment,

See the team's YouTube channel here >>

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