Published: Dec. 11, 2019
2019 Fall Newsletter Cover

The 2019 Fall Newsletter has been published and is available for viewing. The newsletter is packed with department news, alumni updates, and articles by faculty and students. 

  • Message from the Department Chair, pg 2
  • Editors' Comments, pg 3
  • Mark Serreze Named Distinguished Professor, pgs 4-5
  • The Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative, pgs 6-7
  • Introducing Morteza Karimzadeh, Assistant Professor, pgs 8-9
  • Introducing Heide Bruckner, Instructor, pgs 9-10
  • Emily Yeh Sabbatical Notes: Post-disaster trajectories in mountainous Chinese village, pgs 11-12
  • Alumni Updates, pg 13
  • Department News, pg 14
  • Donor Support, pgs 15-16

All previous newsletters are on our Newsletters page.

For a more enjoyable reading experience, open the newsletter file and adjust your browser window to the same size as the newsletter page. The Table of Contents and other links are active within the document.