Published: Oct. 22, 2015
Jennifer Fluri Talk Cover

The College of Arts And Sciences Honors Program Speaker Series Presents “We are here for the Women”: Afghanistan, Time-Space, Gender and Scales of Violence A talk by Dr. Jennifer Fluri, Associate Professor of Geography Tuesday, November 3 in HLMS 241 Lecture begins at 6:30 PM. Pizza served at 6:00 PM

This lecture draws from primary research on Afghan women’s civil society organizations and their peace building and conflict mediation efforts. The presentation will focus on interviews with Afghan conflict mediators (both male and female). This will be followed by an analysis of gender and the geographic dimensions of various conflict mediation tech- niques. The lecture will conclude by examining the role of honor in the escalation of con- flict and its mitigation. The role of gender and violence in the creation and maintenance of honor within Afghanistan will be compared with that of the U.S. military.