Published: April 2, 2009

The Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences (CARTSS) supports social science research and teaching initiatives on the CU campus. CARTSS has funded research and teaching in every social science department on campus. See examples of projects receiving CARTSS support at

The CARTSS Graduate Student Fellows program is a competitive grant program for graduate students in College of Arts&Sciences social science departments who have completed all course requirements, passed qualifying exams, and are at the proposal preparation or research stage. We are particularly interested in supporting pilot projects designed to increase the chances of securing external funding support as well as field research, data acquisition, travel, and other research costs essential to successful completion of research required for MA or PhD degrees. Grant requests may be up to $1000 and will be available for Summer 2010-Spring 2011. The interdisciplinary CARTSS faculty advisory board will evaluate proposals so it is important to write in clear non-technical language. Priority will be given to proposals for which other funding is not easily available, to those who have not previously received CARTSS support, and to projects able to demonstrate that the research activity is not possible in the absence of CARTSS support. CARTSS Graduate Student Fellows will be asked to present their work to the campus community during the academic year.

See CARTSS for more information.