All new buildings and major renovations on campus are built to a LEED™ Gold Certification; however, we are expanding our efforts and including small projects in the university’s overall goal of zero waste.

Why a construction and demolition materials recycling program? 
  • To implement the university’s campus wide zero waste plan
  • To mirror city and county actions
  • To meet the State of Colorado’s goals to reduce construction waste
    and to achieve zero construction waste. 
  • To reduce the volume and percent of recyclable construction materials that go to the landfill
  • To generate revenue from materials sold and/or recovered for re-use
  • To reduce and avoiding the environmental effects of manufacturing new building products

What do I need to do as a contractor?

  • Make a recycling plan for your job site prior to beginning work
  • Set up dumpters or roll-offs to separate and collect recyclable materials
  • Deliver your materials to the recyclers and collect the ticket with information about date, amount and materials
  • Fill out the Construction & Deconstruction Materials Tracking Spreadsheet as you deliver materials to the recyclers or the landfill and collect and make copies of the ticket. 
  • If you take materials back to your company yard, when you take the materials to the recycler, make a copy of the ticket and on the spreadsheet estimate the portion associated with the CU job. 
  • Finalize and complete an electronic version of the spreadsheet. 
  • Email the spreadsheet and copies of each ticket to the CU Project Coordinator with your other close out documents.