All employees of Facilities Management are able to participate in the Safety Culture Awards program.  Employees may nominate each other to recognize behaviors that exemplify the culture of safety Facilities Management aspires to. Personnel may nominate by sending an email with nominee and description of their act, activity, or behavior to

Safety Culture Award Recipients

April 2022

Frank Galindo (nominated by Nick Stevens)

I would like to nominate Frank Galindo at the Distribution Center for his excellent job of forklift training for all new hires here. He also does refresher training for out of date employee forklift training. He does a very thorough job of it and we have not had any forklift related accidents since Frank has been doing the training.

March 2022

Khamnouane Insy (nominated by Tony McKnabb)

While outside sweeping Khamnouane noticed a hazard on one of the old chimney stacks on the roof of the Continuing Education building. There was something that was hanging over the edge of the stack. He was concerned that it may fall and it was right above one of the entrances and near where there were parked cars. He took the initiative to put a trash cart in front of the door with a sign telling people not to use that exit. He also walked the building to let everyone he could find know about the hazard. He even recommended to a person whose car could have been damaged if the item fell that they may want to move their car which they did.

Ausencio Sanchez (nominated by Rickie Pettaway Jr.)

When walking areas and performing building inspections, Ausencio has eyes and mind on task. He has great work ethic and great time management skills. He is often a front runner in safety. Making sure to wear as much PPE as possible. I know I can count on him for attendance and reliability.

Alex and Esther (nominated by Brenda Chavez)

I will like to nominate Alex and Esther for a safety award on 02/03/2022 after the big winter storm the day before as they walked by Muenzinger 1st basement they noticed it was water all over the floor that someone brought an equipment full of snow and the snow melt and become water.Muenzinger 1st basement is a foot traffic we got some construction people working there for a while so Alex and Esther took action and mopped the whole area around added couple wet floor signs for safety. Thank you Alex and Esther for stay on safety and no one slip or fall

Guadalupe Castaneda (nominated by Brenda Chavez)

Guadalupe has been working for the University of Boulder for 12 years or more as far I know but, her dedication to her job is impressive, always keep herself productive, pay attention to details, go the extra mile to help others in her team and she does with the best of her effort, with pride, she asked for a volunteer day on 02/02/2022 but, she knew that there was a winter storm coming, and Lupe change her volunteer to come and help the team with the snow, shoveling just to support her team members on a critical time.

Izabella Soliday (nominated by Rubi Andazola)

I would like to nominate Izabella Soliday from team 6 for her fast acting and thinking on safety on a water leak in the stairwell in Ekeley she right away mopped, put trashcan under the leak set her wet floor sign out and called me to let me know the issue.

Sam Parks (nominated by James Seidl)

Sam, having a keen eye for mechanical deficiencies, bought to my attention that 3 bolts had sheared off of the 855 plow attachment during an equipment maintenance check conducted after operating the plow during a snow storm last week. Sam's strong attention to detail undoubtedly prevented a major "Safety" issue from occurring.

After noticing this issue, Sam used his mechanical knowledge to remedy the situation and fix the plow and getting it back into proper working order.

February 2022

Nick Stevens (nominated by Denise Flack)

Nick is a member of the distribution Center’s safety committee and has been on it for a long time. Nick often has great input during safety committee meetings showing that he is always on the lookout for any safety issues in the Distribution Center and at CU. If you need to know if something needs replacing or where the safety issue is you would usually just need to ask Nick and he knows. In addition, Nick often volunteers to do much needed safety tasks around the building whether it be flushing out the eye wash stations, or replacing hazard tape on the floors. He is always ready to go above and beyond to make sure our workplace is safe.

Darren Brown (nominated by Tom Roller)

During the chaos of the windstorm and subsequent fire on 12/30/21, in the evening, I received a call from the service center regarding a light pole that had blown over on Buff Plaza, one of the more heavily traveled pedestrian areas of campus, due to 100+ mph winds. I was unable to respond as all roads leading to campus were closed or part of the evac routes for the subsequent fire. I was able to contact Darren Brown who lives near campus and he responded to the incident. He very professionally acted as my hands and eyes by phone under difficult circumstances to assess the situation and barricaded the area around the fallen pole. His actions mitigated a potentially hazardous situation until our shop could properly respond. I would like to point out that Darren isn’t an electrician and could have rightfully refused to do this but didn’t hesitate to assist me and the University that night.

Hannah Baker (West Main Grounds) and Noah Begman (student employee) (nominated by Zac Cameron)

I’d like to nominate Hannah Baker who is on Scott Redder’s West Main Grounds team.  She was very attentive and noticed a lot of smoke in the cab of one of our parked Kubotas.  She grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out an electrical fire that was under the seat.  There was significant damage to some wiring off of the battery, but this could have been exponentially worse.  This could have been a major fire and a total loss of the Kubota.  Noah Bregman, that also assisted Hannah in quick action to get the fire out. Their quick action and knowing what to do certainly helped minimized the damage.  

January 2022

Muenzinger Custodial Team (nominated by Brenda Chavez)

Thann Nhan Nguye, Ma. Garcia Aguilar and Ascencion Serrano from the Muenzinger team reported a leak in a restroom several different times. Each time, when trades showed up to take care of the issue they couldn't find the leak because the team had already cleaned up the water. Finally, in December, the team decided not to clean up the water but instead closed the restroom until our trades staff could make it over. This way, trades could determine where the leak was coming form and fix it. Thank you to the team for continuing to monitor and following through to make sure the issue was resolved appropriately!

Douglas Trettin (nominated by Christian Parker)

From the very beginning of Doug’s hire here at CU he has been using safe practices in his vehicle. I always see him driving slowly around campus with his flashers on. He is always parked to the side of the road during class change, waiting for the bustle of kids to die down. I’ve even seen him slow down to a crawl when going around blind corners, making sure it is safe to proceed. He is an excellent example of safe campus driving!

December 2021

Shawna Stushnoff (nominated by Denise Flack)

Since Shawn has started at the Distribution Center Shawna has taken excellent care of the safety committee at the distribution center. She goes above and beyond in those meetings to make sure everyone is informed about new safety happenings on campus and promptly takes care of every safety concern that is brought up at the distribution center. She is committed to making sure everyone can find safety information and that everyone has completed required safety trainings. She regularly puts together engaging safety trainings for the entire distribution center. Recently when an employee was promoted to a supervisor position and the I&S Safety Coordinator was leaving CU, Shawna took on the responsibility of leading the needed STOP training not only for the Distribution center employee but for several other employees throughout I&S. Shawna does not just participate in safety, but she lives it and wants everyone else to as well. She makes it clear to everyone that she is committed to creating a safety culture at the distribution center, and throughout CU.

June 2021

Jason Mager (nominated by Carl PIerce)

Jason Mager is a new employee and solid waste driver for the Solid Waste and Recycling Department. On Wednesday, March 17th Jason encountered a red Toyota pickup truck veering into his lane, hitting the trash truck tire. As the light turned green and the scene unfolded, Jason jumped into action by stopping the truck once he noticed the pickup truck hitting the trash truck, ensuring not to cause damage to either vehicle. Jason acted fast without panic, and his actions prevented a severe accident. Please consider him for a Safety Award for his excellent driving.

March 2021

Trent Wilson (nominated by Charles Holstein)

Trent is responsible for snow removal around the SEEC & SEEL buildings.  The parking lots here are maintained by PTS, but they usually don't call in their snow removal contractors unless there is quite a bit of snow.  Trent always clears the ADA parking spaces, even though it isn't his job, out of concern for the safety of the users of these spaces.  We appreciate his eye for detail on this and willingness to go above and beyond to keep some of the more vulnerable members of our community safe.

Custodial Team 5, led by Tony McNabb (nominated by Jessica Bradley)

The flood at IBS was pretty bad - the water just kept pouring out of the ceiling. Tony McNabb made sure his team was safe while they were trying to clean up the water - they had to empty trash cans full of water – buckets wouldn’t do with how much water there was. To top it off it temps were below zero, it was at night, and there was snow and ice. Tony and his team tirelessly had to empty the water outside for over an hour, clothes wet/damp with the cold to boot. He managed to keep himself and his team safe during all of this, no injuries or hypothermia.  Well done Tony and Team!

December 2020

Eric Jaskuta (nominated by Aaron Watenmaker)

Eric is the east campus grounds safety liaison, and has done an excellent job disseminating safety information that he obtained from the safety meetings. He definitely helps everyone on our crew stay safe!

Matt Quist (nominated by Landan Schaller)

Matt has been uniquely consistent and thorough with safety protocols, and regularly encourages his team to be mindful and take the time to observe safer ways of working. This often includes foreseeing hazards that few would think about. His leadership in this way is exemplary, and he deserves to be appreciated and rewarded for such dedication.

November 2020

Carl Pierce (nominated by Rob Lenahan)

During trash collections, something we picked up from a dumpster caught fire. The fire was in the hopper of the trash truck, which contained over 5 tons of material. The driver noticed the smoke coming from the truck when he was returning to the GROC. Once in the parking lot, any effort to try and get water inside the hopper area of the truck wasn’t working. Carl was made aware of the fire and he ran to the truck to assess what was going on. He immediately had the driver empty the material from the truck onto the ground. His quick and decisive action made it easier to put water on the fire and also made sure the $250k trash truck was spared any damage. 

Chip Horner (nominated by Vince Aquino)

On Nov 17, 2020 I was working with Chip at a job site to remove broken branches over a sidewalk.  We were using our Versalift truck lift platform to reach the damaged limbs.  While I was operating the boom from the bucket, getting into position to conduct the work, Chip notified me that one of the stabilizing outriggers was sliding on the rigger pads and beginning to lose contact with the ground.  It is part of his job to watch that process as the operator gets into position, and this situation will happen from time to time.  But, it can be easy to miss with all the other duties that the ground safety worker is engaged it, watching for pedestrians, making sure that the boom will not contact anything, etc.  Being notified of this issue allowed me to immediately bring the boom back to a safe position and get the outriggers reset to a more solid state.  If Chip had not caught the early instability on the rigger pad, as I continued to maneuver the boom and bucket it would have potentially created a hazard before it could be identified. Again, this was well within the standard described duties of the ground safety worker, and not a rare event.  But, as the bucket operator working aloft, I certainly appreciated it getting handled and going well.

October 2020

Patrick Giblin (nominated by Christian Parker)

Patrick was out a couple weeks ago with students raking up a large bed of thick pine needles in order to help prevent the possibility of a fire. This is not something we normally do or think about. Patrick went above and beyond that day, and got me thinking about fire safety.

February 2020

Paul Longfellow (nominated by Jason Ketcherside, Derek Borrego and Christian Brooks)

This year Paul came up with a new method of cleaning the Biotech cooling towers that has proven to be safer, more efficient, and more effective than in previous years. In the past all the cooling tower work was done outside in the sub-freezing temperatures. This was inefficient as you are washing things outside while temps are below freezing, causing everything to not be cleaned well and to just ice over instead. However most importantly, his plan to bring the materials inside and set up temporary wash bays inside the mech room felt safer and more effective for the whole crew. In the past, all the water that would collect from spraying outdoors would cause a big muddy mess that would freeze over and create slip hazards on the ground where we were dragging and lifting pressure washers, shop vacs, hoses, and other material. This is a dangerous combo when combined with the cold fatigue from spraying water in close-quarters for hours while in sub-freezing temperatures. Paul's method helped reduce risks of slip/trips/falls, and cold weather work. My peers and myself have all expressed our appreciation for Paul's out of the box thinking to create a safer work culture.