Jodie Ferrera is the Director of I&S Business Services.  Jodie is responsible for all accounting, finance, procurement and information technology services for Infrastructure and Sustainability

Desktop Support

The I&S Desktop Support group provides computing and network support for desktop and mobile systems within the Infrastructure & Safety department.

Financial Services

The Financial Services group provides budget and accounting support and billing services for the Infrastructure & Safety department. This includes answering customer inquiries about charges/credits to accounts, either by journal entry or work orders.

Vacant - 303-735-5418
Assistant Director of Accounting and Finance – Oversees the development of departmental and construction budgets, and supervises all accounting functions for Infrastructure and Sustainability. Provides accounting and budget oversight for all utilities.

Erin Lind - erin.lind@Colorado.EDU 303-735-7050
Accounting manager – Develops, evaluates and monitors departmental budgets. Provides accounting oversight for stores operation Accounts Payable Staff as well as operational budget and accounting staff.

Heather Bennett - Heather.Bennett@Colorado.EDU 303-492-2246
Deferred Maintenance (CAMP) Accountant – Provides accounting support for Deferred Maintenance, DMI, DMICR as well as Supplemental DM and Classrooms.  Provides accounting support for all capital projects.

Rey Coca - Rey.Coca@Colorado.EDU 303-735-6698
Senior Utilities Accountant - Responsible for all accounting support for the University utilities, including Cogen, Williams Village, Civil Utilities, Raw Water and Solid Waste.  Responsible for the Utility budget preparation and financial reporting.

Doug Harano - Douglas.Harano@Colorado.EDU 303-492-1364
Construction Accountant - Oversees the accounting for Planning, Design and Construction. Creates and distributes monthly financial statements for Planning, Design and Construction as well as accounting support for all capital projects.

Marina Kushner - 303-492-3262
Senior Accountant Distribution Center/PD&C /Business Services - Oversees the accounting for the Distribution Center, Planning Design and Construction and Business Services. Creates and distributes monthly financial statements for the Distribution Center, Planning Design and Construction and Business Services.

Cheyenne Chadwick - 303-492-4300
Stores Accounting Tech III - Processes invoices for the stores operation at the Distribution Center. This is for both inventory as well as special order items.

Claire Stecker - 720-581-8782
Transportation Accountant – Provides accounting support for Transportation Services including budget preparation, monthly reporting and analytical review of all financial activity.

Vacant - 303-492-4339
Operations Accountant I - Oversees the accounting for operations division. Creates and distributes monthly financial statements for Operations speedtypes.

Bonnie Worrall - 303-492-7429
Senior Construction Accountant - Provides accounting support for State Capital projects, CM, and RII projects. Provides accounting support for all capital construction projects.

Renee Miller - 303-492-9730
Accounting Tech III – Processes all invoices (except for the stores operation at the Distribution Center), including all invoices approved by staff located in RL-2 and invoices for services for Facilities Management, Sustainability and Transportation.

FM Accounts Payable -

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Who Pays for What?
A variety of factors can cause specific shop rates to change on an annual basis. Any rate changes will be determined and published at the start of the new fiscal year.

Design and Construction:
Services provided by the campus Facilities Planning Office that are project-related are typically provided on a fee-for-service basis. Contact the Planning Office at 303-492-1275.

Access Services:
Access Services has a schedule for fees and deposits which are regularly updated. Please call 303-492-6609 for the latest changes.

CAD/Document Management:
    • Labor = $69.16 per hour (FY23)

    • Prints are $3.00 per sqft (color or B/W)

    • $1.00 per file ($5 min).

    • Please email to request an estimate for your project.

    The Engineering Group provides the following services in support of projects on a fee-for-service basis:

    • Assistance with development of the project scope and description.
    • Assistance with selection of engineering consultants, if these are necessary for the project.
    • Pre-design discussion with consultants.
    • Review of designs at each stage of design, including code compliance and cost-reduction opportunities.
    • Bid analysis if needed.
    • Pre-construction meetings with contractors.
    • Inspections and assistance with construction issues.
    • Commissioning of systems.
    • Warranty support.

    We also provide services to the general campus communities that are not project related, including life-safety inspections. There is no charge for these services if they relate to a general fund facility. Services related to non-general fund facilities will be provided on a fee-for-service basis.

    Campus Building Services (custodial)
    Campus Building Services charges for:

    • Additional specialty cleaning before and after events
    • Additional cleaning of classrooms before a scheduled event or meeting (only as requested by customer for a specific date and time)
    • Additional days of cleaning services requested on a regular basis
    • Additional floor cleaning requests that exceed our current schedule/standards
    • Additional recycling and waste containers for special events
    • Additional window cleaning services that exceed our schedule of once every 3-4 years (we suggest vendor names and numbers for the customer to contact and arrange)
    • Paper towels for laboratory use – (call Stores phone number and order direct) Sometimes, we deliver the case of towels to the labs and charge the lab for the case, but not labor for delivery
    • Additional trash dumpster pick ups (charged by volume/weight)
    • Cleaning of non-scheduled spaces during intersessions – for conferences and special events
    • Weekend services requested by customers

    Mailing Services

    • Labor charges may be assessed for mail to be metered that requires additional preparation or handling.  Mailings that may be assessed these charges are listed as follows:
    • Envelopes that cannot be sealed at the same time that they are metered,   (flaps that are perpendicular to the address) may be assessed a hand seal or machine seal charge for over 50 pieces.  Please note that clasp envelopes cannot be run through the meter machines without damaging the equipment.
    • Mailings over 50 pieces that have a permit number that has to be blocked out, or that require a meter tape, may be assessed an additional handling fee.
    • If you have 10 or more pieces of special services (i.e. Certified, Registered, and Express) for processing, a labor charge may be assessed.  If return receipts are requested, labor charges will be reduced if you fill out the return receipts prior to submitting the mailing to the Meterline.  Please contact Mailing Services if you need a supply of return receipts.
    • If you have more than 10 foreign packages that require customs forms, you may be assessed a handling fee for filling out the required forms.  To avoid this fee, call Mailing Services for a supply of customs forms.

    Moving and Hauling
    Our crew at the Distribution Center is experienced in moving offices and labs. Our moving and hauling rates are $52.95 per staff hour. (Time and a half for overtime.)

    Information Systems (FMIS)

    FMIS maintains and support Infrastructure & Safety's information systems, providing computing and network support for approximately 400 multi-platform desktop systems.


    The I&S Procurement Office assists in the acquisition of goods and services for all of Infrastructure & Safety. Contact Purchasing.