Photo of Jeremy Osowski
Project Manager and Outreach Coordinator + Fiske's Resident Dead Head

Jeremy is a proud CU Boulder graduate, avid astronomer, and space enthusiast. He began working for Fiske in 2016 and since then has done just about every job the planetarium has to offer, from selling tickets to organizing live stream music festivals during the COVID-19 pandemic. His current role involves managing Fiske’s NASA Science Activation project “Science Through Shadows”, coordinating Fiske’s outreach program, and serving as a lead presenter, navigator, and special effect creator for our educational and music shows.

In the past he has worked as a research scientist for NASA’s MAVEN mission, a substitute K-12 teacher, a college astronomy tutor, and an astronomy ranger at Great Basin National Park.

Born and raised in Colorado, Jeremy enjoys skiing, rock climbing, playing ice hockey, camping, bike packing, hiking, playing guitar, attending concerts, dabbling in astrophotography, and playing with his dog, Comet. Although he is not always on the clock, it’s rare to find him not sharing his love of astronomy and science with just about everyone he crosses paths with.