Published: May 24, 2020

Night full of stars from Brainard Lake, CO with evergreen trees in the foregroundWelcome to our new Masterpiece feature! Share your astro photos and we’ll post them every Sunday. To kick things off, here's a photo taken by @polaroidcall. Set up at Brainard Lake, CO in Sept. 2019 using a Canon EOS R equipped with a 16-35mm lens, she set the camera to shoot the cosmos for a 30 second exposure and did some light painting on the trees. If you look carefully, she was able to capture the Andromeda Galaxy! She commented, "Never have I seen so many stars in my life. It’s beyond remarkable and entirely humbling. In the grand scheme of it all, we exist in this vastness of the universe. 2.5 million light years from Earth, sits the Andromeda Galaxy. It took 2.5 million years for this light to reach my lens. What seems like a tiny blob is a galaxy full of roughly a trillion stars. Absolutely extraordinary!” We'd love to see what you're gazing up at in the wonderful night sky of ours. Share your photos with us by tagging us!