Published: April 1, 2020

Screen grab from Night Sky app with city scape and celestial objectsThe universe is at your fingertips for FREE with the Night Sky app! Explore the cosmos from the comfort of your couch, or wherever you may be. If you're curious what that star might be, if that bright object in the sky is a planet, or where M31 might be hiding — this app is for you! And, it’s highly customizable, too. You’ll be able to turn on and off different objects that are flying over your head, such as satellites, meteor showers, and more! You can also toggle on and off the ecliptic line, constellation lines, orbits and trajectories, plus more while you learn to spot these celestial wonders by yourself! This app also provides a stargazing event calendar and lets you know what the atmospheric conditions are in your area. Download it for free to start customizing your personalized cosmos exploration experience!