Guided Waves Picture

Optical technology is increasingly prevalent in communications, sensing, medicine and human interface. This commercial growth is driving optical systems to become smaller, cheaper and more robust - the same pressures that drove the integrated electronics revolution. The goal of this course is to give students the tools to design, fabricate and test integrated optical circuits and systems.


Pre-requisites and background: The course content will be influenced by student interest, but will at a minimum give you a firm and unified understanding of waveguide and guided-wave device properties. Design of devices to meet a specific need will be the core concept. Through individual projects, there will be opportunities for you to investigate areas of personal interest.

Computer use: HW will sometimes require simple scientific programming in Matlab

Lab: Demonstrations will be given in Dr. Mcleod’s labs, but no course labwork.


  • Text: Pollock and Lipson
  • Reference: Snyder and Love