William L.
Major: Biochemistry
Spring 2023

When prompted to think of the best opportunity CU has provided me with, it's hard to identify only one. However, one that immediately comes to mind is the opportunity to find a sense of community and receive an education in a safe environment. Additionally, I feel as though all of my professors teach their curriculum with passion and vigor, allowing me to feel that I'm not in college simply to earn a degree, but to learn how to think critically and apply that knowledge to any aspect of my life. Moving forward, I am confident that I am being provided the necessary skills to succeed in my future career.

As many other students are facing similar circumstances, I am restricted to my apartment most days dealing with the difficulties of online schooling. I try to make the best of the situation by exercising, and exploring the outdoors with my roommates as much as time allows with my rigorous course load. While I do find some aspects of remote learning challenging, I greatly appreciate the skills it has taught me. I have significantly improved my time management, organization, and accountability while receiving a higher education.

While this scholarship has helped me in innumerable ways, one I find incredibly unique is that it introduced me to an entire support system of individuals. One of my best friends, Mckayla, and I met through volunteering as scholars for the Buffalo Bicycle Classic last year as freshmen. When she introduced me to her roommates, we all immediately knew that we had found our people at CU. Without them, and the BBC scholarship, I wouldn't be where I am today, with a 3.99 GPA majoring in Biochemistry. Needless to say it has also substantially eased the financial burden that is paying for college. I wouldn't be able to afford CU Boulder's in-state tuition had I not received the BBC Scholarship.