Sherri Cook
Assistant Professor

Department: Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Education: BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2008), MSE, PhD, University of Michigan (2009, 2014)
Teaching: CVEN 5534 Wastewater Treatment, EVEN 5584 Sustainable Engineering Design, EVEN 3550 Sustainability Principles for Engineers
Research: Design and development of sustainable and resilient water, sanitation, and civil systems; use of environmental biotechnology to develop biological stable resource recovery systems for materials energy

Office: SEEC S299

Honors and Distinctions:

  • 2018, University of Colorado Boulder CEAE Young Researcher Award 
  • 2018, University of Colorado Boulder Bennett-Lindstedt Faculty Fellowship
  • 2018, Virginia Tech CEE Outstanding Young Alumni
  • 2013, Rackham Predoctoral Fellow
  • 2010, Graham Sustainability Institute Doctoral Fellow
  • 2009, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
  • 2008, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society National Fellow
  • 2008, Virginia Tech College of Engineering Outstanding Senior
  • 2007, 2006, Morris K. Udall Scholar

Recent Publication with undergraduate students:
** indicates undergraduate student

  1. Thompson, K.A.; Valencia, E.*; Summers, R.S.; Cook, S.M. Sorption, coagulation, and biodegradation for greywater reuse. Water Science & Technology (2020), 81 (10), 2152–2162.

Recent Publication with graduate students:
** indicates graduate student

  1. Davis, A.L.*; Javernick-Will, A.; Cook, S.M. Analyzing sanitation sustainability assessment frameworks for resource-limited communities. Environmental Science & Technology (2019), 53 (22), 13535-13545.
  2.  Davis, A.L.*; Javernick-Will, A.; Cook, S.M. Priority Addressment Protocol: Understanding the Ability and Potential of Sanitation Systems to Address Priorities. Environmental Science & Technology (2019), 53 (1), 401-411.
  3. Jones, C.H.*, Meyer, J.*, Cornejo, P.K., Hogrewe, W., Seidel, C.; Cook, S.M.* A new framework for small drinking water plant sustainability support and decision-making. Science of the Total Environment (2019), 695, 133899.
  4. Jones, C.H.**; Terry, L.G.**; Summers, R.S.; Cook, S.M. Environmental Life Cycle Comparison of Conventional and Biological Filtration Alternatives for Drinking Water Treatment. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology (2018), 4, 1464-1479.
  5. Thompson, K.A.**; Shimabuku, K.K.**; Kearns, J.P.**; Knappe, D.R.U.; Summers, R.S.; Cook, S.M. Environmental comparison between biochar and activated carbon for tertiary wastewater treatment (2016), Environmental Science & Technology, 50 (20), 11253-11262.