John Pellegrino
Research Professor

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Education: B.ChE. City College of New York (1973), M.S., Ph.D., (ChE) University of Colorado at Boulder (1979, 1983)
Teaching: Fluid Mechanics, Membranes, Energy, Separations,
Research: Modification, formation, characterization, and performance of membranes, Electrokinetic processes, Water treatment and supply, Biomass-to-fuels process development

Office: ECES 168

Honors and Distinctions:

  • Editorial board Separation Science and Technology (1998-present).
  • President, North American Membrane Society (2004) 
  • Co-Chair Advanced Outstanding Performance Awards (multiple), NIST (1988-2000) 
  • Technology Program: Selective Membrane Platforms, NIST (1998) 
  • Division Director's Club Award for Innovation and Intrapreneuring, E.I duPont Inc. (1984)
  • Excellence Award in Chemical Process Engineering, Rohm & Haas (1974) 

Recent Publications:
** denotes work done in collaboration with graduate students
* denotes work done in collaboration with undergraduate students

  • Lu, X.; Shah, P.; Maruf, S. H.; *Ortiz, S.; Hoffard, T.; Pellegrino, J., Forensic analysis of degraded polypropylene hollow fibers utilized in microfiltration. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 132 (2015) 41553-41564. DOI: 10.1002/APP.41553 Rickman, M.; Pellegrino, J.; *Hock, J.; Shaw, S.; Freeman, B. Life-cycle and techno-economic analysis of utility-connected algae systems. Algal Res. 2 (2013) 59-65.
  • *Amer, L.; Adhikari, B.; Pellegrino, J. Technoeconomic analysis of five microalgae-to-biofuels processes of varying complexity, Bioresource Technol. 102 (2011) 9350-9359.
  • Pellegrino, J., C. Gorman, and *L. Richards, A speculative hybrid reverse-osmosis/electrodialysis unit operation, 214 Desalination (2007) 11-30.
  • *Benko, K., J. Pellegrino, L.W. Mason, and K. Price, Measurement of water permeation kinetics across reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes: apparatus development, 270 J. Memb. Sci. 187-195 (2006).