Imma Ferrer
Research Associate

Department: Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering 

Education: B.S., M.S., University of Barcelona (1994, 1995), Ph.D., CSIC (1999)

Office: SEEC S296C

Honors and Distinctions:

  • Author of >100 peer reviewed publications.  Hirsch Factor: 45.
  • Associate Editor, Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Jan 2016-
  • Organized symposia, Advances in Mass Spectrometry, Pittsburgh Conference, 2002-2017.
  • 3 Invited Key Note lectures and 30 invited lectures at International Symposia.  Total of 55 oral presentations.
  • Editor of 3 books related to Mass Spectrometry (2003, 2009 and 2013).
  • Member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) and chairman of the Environmental Interest Group.
  • Patent: Determination of chemical empirical formulas of unknown compounds using accurate ion mass measurement of all isotopes, 2007, US 20070114373.

Recent Publications:
** denotes work done in collaboration with graduate students
* denotes work done in collaboration with undergraduate students

  • Campos-Mañas, M.C.; Ferrer, I.; Thurman, E.M.; Agüera, A., 2018, Opioid Occurrence in Environmental Water Samples – A Review, Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, in press.
  • Sitterley, K.A.; Linden, K.G; Ferrer, I.; Thurman, E.M., 2018, Identification of Proprietary Amino Ethoxylates in Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater using Liquid Chromatography/Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry with Solid-Phase Extraction, Analytical Chemistry, 90, 10927-10934.
  • Rosenblum, J.S.; Thurman, E.M.; Ferrer, I.; Aiken, G.; Linden, K.G., 2017, Organic Chemical Characterization and Mass Balance of a Hydraulically Fracture Well: from Fracturing Fluid to Produced Water over 405 Days, Environmental Science and Technology, 51, 14006-14015.
  • Rogers, J.D.; Ferrer, I.; Tummings, S.S.; Bielefeldt, A.R.; Ryan, J.N., 2017, Inhibition of biodegradation of hydraulic fracturing compounds by glutaraldehyde: groundwater column and microcosm experiments, Environmental Science and Technology, 51, 10251-10261.
  • Hanigan, D.; Ferrer, I.; Thurman, E.M.; Herckes, P.; Westerhoff, P., 2017, LC/QTOF-MS fragmentation of N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors in drinking water supplies is predictable and aids their identification, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 323, 18-25.
  • Thurman, E.M.; Ferrer, I.; Rosenblum, J.; Linden, K.; Ryan, J.N., 2017, Identification of propyleneglycols and polyethylene glycol carboxylates in flowback and produced water from hydraulic fracturing, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 323, 11-17.
  • Rosenblum, J.S.; Sitterley, K.A.; Thurman, E.M.; Ferrer, I.; Linden, K.G., 2016, Hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment by coagulation-adsorption for removal of organic compounds and turbidity, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering,4, 1978-1984.
  • Strynar, M.; Dagnino, S.; McMahen, R.; Liang, S.; Lindstrom, A.; Andersen, E.; McMillan, L.; Thurman, E.M.; Ferrer, I.; Ball, C., 2015, Identification of Novel Perfluoroalkyl Ether Carboxylic Acids (PFECAs) and Sulfonic Acids (PFESAs) in Natural Waters Using Accurate Mass Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOFMS), Environmental Science and Technology, 49, 11622-11630.
  • Ferrer, I.; Thurman, E.M., 2015, Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Additives by LC/Q-TOF-MS, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 407, 6417-6428.
  • Ferrer, I.; Thurman, E.M., 2015, Chemical Constituents and Analytical Approaches for hydraulic fracturing waters, Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, v. 5, 18-25.