The chemical processing area of specialization focuses on courses in Chemical Engineering. Environmental engineers trained in this area emphasize waste minimization during chemical processing, such as petroleum refining. They also have expertise in reactor designs to treat wastes from chemical processing industries, such as pharmaceuticals and plastics.

Environmental Engineering Technical Electives (upper-division)

Students select at least Two courses from this list (or a second from list A, no double counting). Faculty can petition to add additional courses.
(these CHEN courses also require CHEN 3200 Fluids & 3320 Thermo, or permission)

  • CHEN 4521 Physical Chemistry (3 credits S; prereq Calc3, Chem 1 and pre/coreq of APPM 2360)
  • CHEN 3220 Chem Engineering Separations (3 credits S; prereq CHEN 3210 or MCEN 3022 and CHEN 3320)
  • CHEN 4330 Reaction Kinetics (3 creidts S; prereq CHEN 3320 and APPM 2360)
  • CHEN 4836 Nanomaterials (3 credits S/F; pre/co req CHEN 3320)
  • CHEN 4440 Chemical Engineering Materials (3 credits S; prereq CHEN 3320 and CHEM 3311)
  • CHEN 4570 Instrumentation and Process Control (3 credits S/F; prereq CHEN 3220 and CHEN 4330 or CHEN 4830 and APPM 2360)

You may want to consider getting a minor in chemistry. See details of the chemistry minor here. 

Examples of Companies that Hire specialists in environmental Chemical Processing are: