StudentsbridgeThe Environmental Engineering Program offers the following academic programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, the EVEN BS degree is a four year degree program for students interested in a career in environmental engineering.
  • Also available is a concurrent Bachelor of Science/Master of Science degree offered in cooperation with the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, the EVEN BS/CVEN MS degree. This degree allows qualified students to begin the graduate program while completing the undergraduate program
  • Research-Based Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering is intended for MS students interested in a short-term research experience, leading to the preparation and defense of a research-based thesis. The program emphasizes education through high-quality research for students interested in careers in industry and the public sector.
  • Professional Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering offers three main options: General Environmental Engineering, Global Engineering, and Water Reuse. The Professional MS option targets students and early to mid-career professionals who want to expand on their BS education, focusing on acquiring new skills for their professional growth. The courses for this degree can be taken either in person or remotely.
  • PhD Degree in Environmental Engineering offers students the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge, innovative research, as well as an intensive course of study. Students focus heavily on research and partake in graduate courses as well as graduate seminars to prepare their dissertation.