Published: Aug. 11, 2023
The three winners.

Three University of Colorado Boulder Environmental Engineering graduate students have earned 2023 scholarships through the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

Emma Wells (Advisors: Amy Javernick-Will and Karl Linden) is recipient of the HDR One Water Institute Scholarship. Her work focuses on water quality and utility risk management. She says that her research is only successful through collaboration and she will use the scholarship funding while “working with operators, regulators, and utility management to understand their experiences with risk management. I will use these funds to meet with my partners and collect data.  I hope that my work can be used to support utilities as they navigate ever-changing environmental, regulatory, and technical contexts to provide safe water"

Nadia Jorgensen (Advisor: Scott Summers), recipient of the Holly A. Cornell scholarship from Jacobs, says the scholarship will help with her future plans. “I hope to continue evaluating granular active carbon performance for controlling unregulated and regulated disinfection by-products across a range of water matrices and developing laboratory skills to analyze contaminants in samples.”

Emma Payne (Advisor: Karl Linden) is receiving the Dr. Philip C. Singer Scholarship. Her thesis is about improving UV advanced oxidation efficiency through tailored wavelength and radical promoter innovations. Emma in interested in passing on her knowledge to the next generation, "I am committed to being a good mentor and teacher, in addition to researcher and graduate student. As much as I thoroughly believe that my research will advance the field of environmental engineering, I also recognize that helping others to achieve their goals and contribute to the field is equally important. In this vein, I have pursued several mentoring and teaching opportunities and will continue to seek these opportunities out during my graduate career and beyond.”